You think it isn’t fare

You think it’s all going wrong

You wish it wasn’t happening to you

It seems all so dark and heavy

Feels like everything you had is falling apart

The goosebumps are for real

Then a sudden jerk and you are wide awake

Still thinking it was all a dream or reality just swept your feet

Sense of realization sets in

 and there you are thanking all of that was a nightmare

Thinking what if it was true but relieved that it was all a Nightmare


Cease the dark

Diyas were lit

Light bulbs were glowing

Crackers beamed the sky

City bathed in the joy

Somewhere she stood swallowing her gut

With each candle she lit her soul

Somethings were changing and wasn’t sure why

Only knew that scar will fade oneday

Putting up a lantern she ceased the darkness.

Trip full of twinkles

Taking tour to hill station gives a jiffy of view points, mountains, flowing streams, silence of woods greenry spread across and cosy warm clothes.

Toy train ride

Taking a toy train ride from Mettuplayam to Ooty gives a gush of liveliness when train passes through bridges, canals and over the mountains; the scenic beauty is breath taking and the sound of steam engine pushing the train gives feeling of old times. Though the specifically designed engine is engineering excellence.

Still from Botanical garden

As I got down in Ooty I thought to myself “what a joyful city it seems to be” and after some exploration it was proved correct. The city has its own pace the sunrise, sunset, mountains etc everything seemed to be so beautiful without any rush all proceeding slowly. Nilgiri hills surrounds the vicinity and it has huge production of home made chocolates. Kind of heaven for chocolate lovers. Boat house, film city, pine forest, medabetta (mountain peak) etc. are some main tourist attractions.

Pykara falls

While coming back exploring Connor is also icing on cake. Its a small city situated in mountains which connects Ooty. It has dolphine nose view point and Pykara falls as the main places to visit. At night when the city is lit and seen from above its reffered as “taare zameen par” as the twinkly lights looks like stars.

Mysore Palace

On the way back to Bangalore visited Mysore and man the place is truly historical. With old churches from 60s, temples and the famous Mysore Palace. The palace is the main attraction for people visitng the city, it echoes the glory of kings and queens, their lives and the assets which is on display. The place tells a lot about Indian history.

With this my tour ended and I reached Bangalore with sweet memories and life time experiences.

Solace in Dussehra

This year got to celebrate dussehra in Bangalore itself. So visited few places, which by the way was so crowded and lively. But inspite of everything there was a sense of joy and enjoyment on every face. Dussehra being celebrated all around the world with huge pomp, specially for Bengalis’ its like “The Festival”.  The festival of celebrating good over evil.

 Amongst all the celebration and merry making, people can be seen trying to make peace with their soul and for many faith is being restored. People praying and doing religious work some selflessly others selfishly. Maybe at times it is much needed, when we think that everything is going wrong or situations are not favorable. You never know what may turn up the next moment everything is so unexpected, but its always good to believe in something.

Fragile Soul

Some bruises were on face,

Some part inside me broke,

Some tears were in heart,

Some dreams got broken,

Some old friends got lost,

Some known people robbed me,

Some became mere strangers,

Some reflections i didn’t had,

Some shores I had to leave behind.

2am coffee

Late night coffees are the best thing I believe in. When tired of burning the midnight oil it comes to you as a relief and stress buster. I am definitely a coffee person and also a night chap, can’t get to bed before midnight. I know many people are following the same lifestyle though not healthy somehow we have adopted it.

Tired by the end of the day when i decide to take rest finally a cup of coffee comes to my rescue. Filter coffee being my favorite. The aroma that lingers through the room when brewing is something only few people can resist, and by now you must have known I am definitely not that kind of person.The serene and silent night has much to offer; its like you can work in peace,think in peace or maybe do nothing and just stare at the walls but calmness it offers is unmatchable.Taking up the hot coffee mug filled to the brim and sitting by the favourite spot; gives coziness  amongst all the restlessness of life.

This alone time and coffee being the companion, gives the much needed peace and time to think about all the stuff going around maybe some personal issues, time of self realization, work ideas, future plans or countries boycotting SAARC summit but everything is worth the while. And if you haven’t tried it yet trust me give it a try.

365 days in Bangalore

Its about a year since I moved to Bangalore and i have gone from hating to loving this city. Since I am from north it was the first time I travelled to south India and experienced such a great culture and language difference. No wonder India is known for its diverse culture. So coming to the point I moved here for my post graduate studies and then Bangalore happened.

At first I was really irritated to hear Kannada being spoken everywhere and anywhere because i couldn’t understand a word, still i don’t understand but somehow by people’s gesture and some guessing involved i understand what they are saying; theory of evolution follows. The south Indian food is a delicacy i got to know there are many dishes except the common ‘idli  dosa’ and the taste is totally different though north people have their own version of dosa. The Mg road, brigade, commercial st., koramangla are some of the most happening places for every Bangaloreian; and it truly has a great night life for which its known except being the ‘silicon valley of India’the crowd from all over India can be found here. But it has the worst traffic of all times. Gosh! if you are caught up in traffic then there is no way out and stuck for maybe hours. Being from a place of extreme climate I am seriously in love with the weather here. Its so pleasant and peacefull though city is full of chaos. Morning happens here with flowers decorating hair of women and rangoli in houses.

The stay has been great till now full of new experiences; got to meet new people, learnt some life lessons, maybe matured a bit (😎) and visited few places. Hope this city will continue to be good with me.