Trip full of twinkles

Taking tour to hill station gives a jiffy of view points, mountains, flowing streams, silence of woods greenry spread across and cosy warm clothes.

Toy train ride

Taking a toy train ride from Mettuplayam to Ooty gives a gush of liveliness when train passes through bridges, canals and over the mountains; the scenic beauty is breath taking and the sound of steam engine pushing the train gives feeling of old times. Though the specifically designed engine is engineering excellence.

Still from Botanical garden

As I got down in Ooty I thought to myself “what a joyful city it seems to be” and after some exploration it was proved correct. The city has its own pace the sunrise, sunset, mountains etc everything seemed to be so beautiful without any rush all proceeding slowly. Nilgiri hills surrounds the vicinity and it has huge production of home made chocolates. Kind of heaven for chocolate lovers. Boat house, film city, pine forest, medabetta (mountain peak) etc. are some main tourist attractions.

Pykara falls

While coming back exploring Connor is also icing on cake. Its a small city situated in mountains which connects Ooty. It has dolphine nose view point and Pykara falls as the main places to visit. At night when the city is lit and seen from above its reffered as “taare zameen par” as the twinkly lights looks like stars.

Mysore Palace

On the way back to Bangalore visited Mysore and man the place is truly historical. With old churches from 60s, temples and the famous Mysore Palace. The palace is the main attraction for people visitng the city, it echoes the glory of kings and queens, their lives and the assets which is on display. The place tells a lot about Indian history.

With this my tour ended and I reached Bangalore with sweet memories and life time experiences.


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