2am coffee

Late night coffees are the best thing I believe in. When tired of burning the midnight oil it comes to you as a relief and stress buster. I am definitely a coffee person and also a night chap, can’t get to bed before midnight. I know many people are following the same lifestyle though not healthy somehow we have adopted it.

Tired by the end of the day when i decide to take rest finally a cup of coffee comes to my rescue. Filter coffee being my favorite. The aroma that lingers through the room when brewing is something only few people can resist, and by now you must have known I am definitely not that kind of person.The serene and silent night has much to offer; its like you can work in peace,think in peace or maybe do nothing and just stare at the walls but calmness it offers is unmatchable.Taking up the hot coffee mug filled to the brim and sitting by the favourite spot; gives coziness  amongst all the restlessness of life.

This alone time and coffee being the companion, gives the much needed peace and time to think about all the stuff going around maybe some personal issues, time of self realization, work ideas, future plans or countries boycotting SAARC summit but everything is worth the while. And if you haven’t tried it yet trust me give it a try.


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