365 days in Bangalore

Its about a year since I moved to Bangalore and i have gone from hating to loving this city. Since I am from north it was the first time I travelled to south India and experienced such a great culture and language difference. No wonder India is known for its diverse culture. So coming to the point I moved here for my post graduate studies and then Bangalore happened.

At first I was really irritated to hear Kannada being spoken everywhere and anywhere because i couldn’t understand a word, still i don’t understand but somehow by people’s gesture and some guessing involved i understand what they are saying; theory of evolution follows. The south Indian food is a delicacy i got to know there are many dishes except the common ‘idli  dosa’ and the taste is totally different though north people have their own version of dosa. The Mg road, brigade, commercial st., koramangla are some of the most happening places for every Bangaloreian; and it truly has a great night life for which its known except being the ‘silicon valley of India’the crowd from all over India can be found here. But it has the worst traffic of all times. Gosh! if you are caught up in traffic then there is no way out and stuck for maybe hours. Being from a place of extreme climate I am seriously in love with the weather here. Its so pleasant and peacefull though city is full of chaos. Morning happens here with flowers decorating hair of women and rangoli in houses.

The stay has been great till now full of new experiences; got to meet new people, learnt some life lessons, maybe matured a bit (😎) and visited few places. Hope this city will continue to be good with me.  


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